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We are Rob and Maartje and we love to photograph nature and landscapes in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands. This website shows the images that we are most proud of and tend to give an indication of our photographic interests. The photo's communicate for themselves and speak any language. But for those who are interested in our background or looking to buy our work, this page gives a short summary of our website in English.

In the core: we like to go out into nature, experience the silence and witness the most ordinary or exceptional circumstances that can be found. Such as blooming heather just around the corner, an intimate moment with a Crane or a stunning sunrise. Dieverdoatsie, a word from our local dialect, represents that 'mission'. It's about photography as a pleasant and casual way of spending our time. 

It all started when we came living in a small town called Gasselte. Living in the middle of nature made us fall in love with it and we began to capture the beauty around us as a visual memory. This photographic urge was enhanced by our holidays to the island of Schiermonnikoog. It lies in the Wadden Sea and is highly attractive because of the tide, the birds and it’s seascapes. Since then, we like to go out in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands, especially to show how beautiful it can be so close to home. Our highest goal is to inspire our viewers to go out to a certain place because of our images.

Wanna get in touch?

We are also very pleased with people’s interest to purchase our images. Hence, our photo’s can be bought by getting in touch via the form here below. For instance as a picture on the wall, as post cards or to use on a website. We’re looking forward to any cooperation at all, so feel free to contact us about whatever!

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